Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe: Date Night (or day!) Outfits



I think I can probably make a go out of my casual and work wardrobes for dates but I would like a couple of sexy dresses to slip in to for special nights out.  Right now I have a black dress similar to the one shown above and a pretty red dress that hasn’t been out of the closet for a while … Perhaps all I need is the right guy.  And the right shoes, natch.

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe: Weekend Casual Inspiration




I don’t actually shop at Old Navy normally, but I liked the concept behind each of these outfits, so I thought I’d throw them in as inspiration for my “weekend casual” look.  When I think about the weekends, I want to look casual and feminine.  I love the look of tight jeans with a pointy toed heel and pops of color with sweaters layered over for warmth.  On the weekends I’m usually just running errands or getting together with friends, so simple and stylish are welcomed.

Clothes I Already Have

Jean Jacket
Olive Color Corduroy Jacket

Dark Wash Jeans
Faded Boyfriend Jeans

White Boatneck T-shirt with Black Stripes
Black Boatneck T-shirt
Baseball Shirt (white with black sleeves)

Black & White Checkerboard Vans

Clothes I Feel Like I Need

Brown Boots (Shooties?  I can’t believe I just used that word)
Black Cardigan?  (Just typing that makes me feel schlumpy somaybenot.)

I do notice I’m kind of stuck in neutral territory.  Can we say BLACK anyone?  Only time will tell!  I’d love to get some accessories for a little pop.  A cute necklace or two and maybe a fun punch of color through a purse.  Like yellow perhaps?

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe: Work Day Professional Inspiration




Monday to Friday I work in a fairly conservative downtown office.  When I think about how I want to feel at work, the words “pretty and polished” come to mind.  While I don’t know that I’ll be rockin’ a white suit (if IS after Labor Day after all), I like the structure a suit provides and the feminine scalloped hem of the shell underneath.  I also like her pretty hair, simple earrings and make up.  So this is the look I’m going for:

Pretty Hair & Make Up
Simple Jewelry
Polished Separates

Clothes I Currently Have

Black Suit (jacket & slacks)
Navy Pinstripe Suit (jacket & slacks)
Gray Slacks
Black Slacks

Black & White Polka Dot Button Up
Olive Green Button Up Dress Shirt
White Button Up Dress Shirt
Eggplant Shell
Teal Blue Shell
Black Dressy T-Shirt
Grey Dressy T-Shirt

Black & White Polka Dot Sweater
Orange Wrap Sweater
Black V-Neck Sweater
Eggplant Sweater
Blue Sweater

Olive Green Ruffled Collar Jacket
Khaki Double Breasted Trench

Black Dress
Black & White Striped Dress

Black Heels
Leopard Print Flats
Purple Suede Wedges

Clothes I Feel Like I Need

2 more bottoms (pants and maybe a skirt?)
Black Flats
Leopard Print Heels (rawr)
White Long Sleeve Shirt (for under jackets/sweaters)

That totals 30 items, which I think is reasonable for five days a week.  Some of the items I can mix and match on the weekends and looking at the list of “needs” doesn’t appear too daunting.  Now to just find the right stuff!  And let’s see how this wardrobe plays out in real life.  I’m already wondering if I’m going to be too cold by the time late October / early November rolls around.  But that’s the fun of it, right?  Seeing what works and what doesn’t and making adjustments from there!

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe: The Plan


Okay!  So I’m deep into Fall Capsule Wardrobe frenzy.  I realize I have three separate needs for my wardrobe:

Work Week Professional 

Weekend Casual

Date Night (or day!) Outfits

I’m starting with clothes I already have and realizing how a lot of them don’t fit.  Not necessarily sizing (though there is some of that too!) but really color, my ability to mix and match and how I feel when I wear them.  It’s REALLY obvious what clothes I adore and feel great in versus what clothes just make me go “meh.”

This is SUCH a great exercise to begin to hone my look and define how I present myself to the world.  It’s also FUN.  I can see how I’d like to start taking more risks eventually.  And good lawd, girl needs some COLOR in this wardrobe, my WORD.

This week I’ll be working on inspiration each day and what pieces I think I need to “get there”, then next week I’ll show you what I’ve come up with!

Well Hello September!


The first time I went to France was in September and every year since, when I turn the page on my calendar, I immediately think of Paris.

Blue skies.  Large clouds.  Just cool enough to wear a sweater.  Brown leather bags.  Scarves.  Croissants.  The metro.  An afternoon baguette.  Le vin, bien sur!

I’m slowly coming back from an August hiatus (so very French, non?), making my way through the laundry pile and figuring out what I want to feed myself this month.

Cinnamon sugar sounds like a good place to start.  As do meatballs.  (Not necessarily together.)

I spent yesterday washing windows, hanging heavier curtains, switching out the duvet and pondering my fall wardrobe.  I may have watched the movie Amelie more than once.  (Oh to be able to wear red lipstick and not have it morph onto my teeth and face!)

This month’s plans are ambitious.

1.  It’s time to budget.  Srsly.  I have come off the rails like, whoa.  Look for a new feature “Srsly Save OMG”  It needs to happen so fast I don’t even have time for vowels … or complete words.

2.  I think I’m dating?  Or putting off dating maybe?  A certain guy wants to go out aaaand  I’m not 100% sure and romantic comedies have TAUGHT ME NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO DEAL.

3.  I really want some cute white coffee mugs with saucers.  And getting the Sunday New York Times seems like an appropriate thing to go with my new cute white coffee mugs and saucers.

4.  This then means I need to overhaul a little bistro table that is in my garage so I have a place to sit with my cute white coffee mugs, saucers and New York Times.

5.  Aaaaaand I kind of want to switch out the kitchen curtains from yellow and white to orange and white.  And what’s that problem with budgeting again?

6.  Three Words:  Fall. Capsule. Wardrobe.  Oh it’s gonna happen.

7.  And those meatballs aren’t going to cook themselves now, are they?

Let’s do this September!

Friday Night Flicks: Only You


Ooooh it’s coming up to my favorite time of year.  September, October and November … the shadows get a little longer, the food gets a little warmer and movies switch over from sun splashed to cozy.  I’m comin’ for you Baby Boom.  But let’s not jump ahead!  There is still a little bit of summer left and what better place to spend it then in Europe?

Only You takes place primarily in Italy and makes me swoon every single time Marisa Tomei and Bonnie Hunt land in Venice.  I love Faith’s (Marisa Tomei) romantic nature and gorgeous outfits (of course!)  Robert Downey Jr. is adorable and has never been more charming.  And well … Positano.  We already know how I feel about THAT place.