Summer of 40: Office Before

So!  Similar to my closet makeover, I’m tackling this beast in 5 minute projects …



… which should only take from now until the. end. of. time.

This is my poor “office.”  Which only gets used as a dumping ground and freak-out-guests-are-coming(!) room.  I’d love to have it as a space to write and then pop up the air mattress as needed for friends.  But first?

It’s time to purge.

One day at a time.

Hold me.

Morning Walks




The thing about having a dog is they need to be walked.  Every. Day.  Cool, early morning walks are my favorite.  No one is up save for a few birds and the sun rising over Mt. Hood.  A cup of coffee awaits me at home and my pup’s tail swishes back and forth while she puts her nose to the ground taking in all that happened in the hours since we’ve last passed by.

Single Chick in the Kitch: Solo for $60

I cleaned out my fridge over the weekend.


My word.

That’s a lot of stuff to throw away.  I was feeling pretty down about it, but then I realized I’ve come a good ways in only a couple short months.

1)  I’ve been consistently planning my meals and grocery shopping.
2)  I’ve been much better this month about sticking to my budget, which means things are improving.
3)  I’ve started taking leftovers for lunch so they don’t languish in the back of the fridge and get forgotten about.

So after a clearing of the decks and realizing how much I ate the week prior, this week’s total came in at $53.  So I’ve got an $8 surplus.  I love that I’m starting to consistently come in under $60 now.  that was a challenge my first month.  The menu is as follows:


Zuchhini & Basil Egg Cups with Fruit


Leftovers from dinner with one lunch out with colleagues


Taco Salad with Cilantro Dressing
Fish Tacos with Slaw
Moo Shu Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin Sauce

Summer of 40: Closet After

So as I mentioned in my Summer of 40 list, I really wanted to knock out some projects in my house that have been bugging me.

I started with this closet:



It is something I could have probably hammered out in an hour or so, but I tend to get overwhelmed when I do that and not finish.  I decided to try my hand at small, 5-minute projects.  Five minutes was the perfect amount of time to make a decision on one or two items and FOLLOW THROUGH (that’s usually my issue) on that decision.

There is still more work to do, but now that work is broken down into two major projects (magazine clippings and CD’s) instead of, you know, a thousand.  Over the winter I’ll spend some chunks of time cleaning out those bins but for now the space is breathing easier waiting to become something MUCH cuter.  Life is too short to have ugly closets.  (Said no one ever.)

Behold the after.




If you’re riveted by this makeover (and really who could blame you), you can check out a progress shot right here.









Single Chick in the Kitch: Waffles




I think it’s probably pretty clear by this point that I love weekend breakfasts.  So far we’ve talked Blueberry Dutch Babies and Homemade Biscuits.  Today?  Let’s talk waffles.

I broke out my belgian waffle maker over the weekend and whipped up this recipe I found on Our Best Bites.  The recipe makes two large waffles (my waffle maker is deep).  And they are crisp, light and delicious.  Next time I might whip up the batter the night before so I can be shoving waffles in my face first thing in the morning.  Because on Saturday, who wants to wait?