Whole 30: Panic & Prep


I decided to do the Whole 30 challenge.  A few things have led up to this realization, but it basically has to do with wanting to feel and sleep better.

I feel like I’m under a lot of stress.  I know some of the stress is self inflicted with the food I’m eating and lack of activity to try and combat feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  In the spirit of controlling what I can, I decided to start with some healthy food to (hopefully!) start healing my body and give me some energy to get through this time.

So I went to the grocery store.
And spent almost $200.
Which seems a little excessive for one person?

I think I’m actually cooking up quite a bit that I’ll be able to freeze and eat later, but it will be a new adventure!  Hopefully an adventure that will have me sleeping soundly, living calmly and feeling much much better.

Stay tuned!

Style Saturday: A Little Effort


And by “a little effort”, I mean a LITTLE effort.  Which again.  Is why I LOVE dresses.  Essentially a big t-shirt that makes it look like you did something great.

Another little trick?  My 3-ingredient make up bag.

1.  Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturizer.  Makes your skin look even and dewy.

2.  Mascara.  Whatever kind you love?  Like.  Love is a strong word for mascara.

3.  A swipe of Clinique’s chubby stick.  Gives your lips a little punch of color and moisture without screaming LIPSTICK!

Those three things are subtle enough to make it look like you’re au natural without people asking if you’re tired.  Because those people can suck it.  I ran errands in the above ensemble last Saturday and was complimented throughout the day.

Did I spill my secrets and point out my unshaved legs and the fact that I had just pulled on the dress because I didn’t want to do laundry?

NO!  I smiled wide and said a genuine “thank you!”  That’s the beauty of keeping it simple.

Charming Little Books: 84 Charing Cross Road



I’ve been trying to be better about getting into a good sleeping routine.  I’ve read EVERYWHERE that you’re not supposed to watch TV, but instead read before bed.  a;sdkfjsaljdaaaaaaaaaaa.  The trick is finding a book that keeps me interested, but not so interested that I stay up all night reading.  A book that feels charming and delicious and that makes me want to savor the experience.  Good lawd that’s a tall order, but 84, Charing Cross Road delivers.

The book is slim and a quick read.  It covers the 20+ year history of a New York book lover’s correspondence with employees of a London bookshop during World War II.  It’s just a series of sweet, simple and thoughtful interactions that I’m still thinking about.  Utterly charming.

“Did I tell you I finally found the perfect page-cutter?  It’s a pearl-handled fruit knife.  My mother left me a dozen of them, I keep one in the pencil cup on my desk.  Maybe I go with the wrong kind of people but I’m just not likely to have twelve guests all sitting around simultaneously eating fruit.”  

Single Chick in the Kitch: Simple Dinner


I love to cook, especially at this time of year.  But some evenings it’s the last thing I want to think about.  When those nights hit, I look for something simple and filling.  I love this red pepper and tomato soup from Pacific.  I top a bowl of it with a bit of feta or goat cheese and serve it along side some buttered toast, crackers or a grilled cheese sandwich.  It’s delicious and quick, leaving plenty of time to get cozy on the couch with a good fall movie or book.

(And a good simple fall breakfast.) 

Plus One: The Golden Rule


I was raised on Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and have seen enough romantic comedies to know that the right guy is gorgeous, loves me for my quirks and knows exactly what to do and say to sweep me off my feet.  He’s strong yet romantic.  Alpha yet sensitive.  And oh yes.  He only has eyes for me and love at first sight so totally exists.

And the guys I meet?  Well they know to expect a version of a Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.  A woman who is waxed up and into sex like a porn star.  But not slutty.  Feminine but not wanting a sugar daddy.  Has a job, but isn’t too into work.  A good wife, mother, housekeeper and cook.  Happy all the time yet will speak directly because he can’t read minds.

I think we can all agree that men and women defined in those terms do not exist outside of magazines and our television screens, right?

While I do expect a man to treat me kindly, respectfully and with a genuine desire to both get to know me and get to KNOW me if you know what I’m saying andIbelieveyoudo, I don’t expect him to be living in my head and do/say exactly what I want him to at the precise moment I need/want/think he should.

By that same token, I’m responsible for bringing myself to the table kindly, thoughtfully and with a genuine desire to meet a guy where he’s at.  To get to know HIM, not try and morph him into what I want/need him to be.

And so how do I do that?

1.  I try.  I don’t always get it perfect, but I do make an effort to keep my expectations in check but move on when I don’t feel I’m being met half way.  A lack of kindness, respect and interest are deal breakers.

2.  I look at each man as an individual, not a composite of a bunch of guys before him.   I have no idea what his last girlfriend or his last date was like or how bad/good she treated him.  I expect him to see me for me and feel like I owe it to him to do the same.

3.  I am the best version of myself.   I am myself around other people, there is no sense in trying to be otherwise.  I like baseball but couldn’t tell you the first thing about soccer except I like the men who play it.  I enjoy my job, but do it primarily so I can hop on airplanes and fly off to a new timezone and drink expensive wine.  I get annoyed at entitlement and people who drive too slow.  That being said, when I am getting to know someone I make sure that I’m polite, engaged and conscious of their experience with me.  Am I bringing the spark, the fun and opening myself up enough so they get a sense of who I am?

4.  I ask myself if I’m into it.  Life is too short to date a guy that I’m not into.  I believe in giving people a fair chance, but I know pretty early if I want to make out with him.  And chances are I know even earlier if he’s a quality guy that deserves it.

5.  The Golden Rule!  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Be honest, clear, kind, respectful and a good kisser.  And don’t waste your time with people who don’t extend you the same courtesy.