Well Hello September!


The first time I went to France was in September and every year since, when I turn the page on my calendar, I immediately think of Paris.

Blue skies.  Large clouds.  Just cool enough to wear a sweater.  Brown leather bags.  Scarves.  Croissants.  The metro.  An afternoon baguette.  Le vin, bien sur!

I’m slowly coming back from an August hiatus (so very French, non?), making my way through the laundry pile and figuring out what I want to feed myself this month.

Cinnamon sugar sounds like a good place to start.  As do meatballs.  (Not necessarily together.)

I spent yesterday washing windows, hanging heavier curtains, switching out the duvet and pondering my fall wardrobe.  I may have watched the movie Amelie more than once.  (Oh to be able to wear red lipstick and not have it morph onto my teeth and face!)

This month’s plans are ambitious.

1.  It’s time to budget.  Srsly.  I have come off the rails like, whoa.  Look for a new feature “Srsly Save OMG”  It needs to happen so fast I don’t even have time for vowels … or complete words.

2.  I think I’m dating?  Or putting off dating maybe?  A certain guy wants to go out aaaand  I’m not 100% sure and romantic comedies have TAUGHT ME NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO DEAL.

3.  I really want some cute white coffee mugs with saucers.  And getting the Sunday New York Times seems like an appropriate thing to go with my new cute white coffee mugs and saucers.

4.  This then means I need to overhaul a little bistro table that is in my garage so I have a place to sit with my cute white coffee mugs, saucers and New York Times.

5.  Aaaaaand I kind of want to switch out the kitchen curtains from yellow and white to orange and white.  And what’s that problem with budgeting again?

6.  Three Words:  Fall. Capsule. Wardrobe.  Oh it’s gonna happen.

7.  And those meatballs aren’t going to cook themselves now, are they?

Let’s do this September!

Friday Night Flicks: Only You


Ooooh it’s coming up to my favorite time of year.  September, October and November … the shadows get a little longer, the food gets a little warmer and movies switch over from sun splashed to cozy.  I’m comin’ for you Baby Boom.  But let’s not jump ahead!  There is still a little bit of summer left and what better place to spend it then in Europe?

Only You takes place primarily in Italy and makes me swoon every single time Marisa Tomei and Bonnie Hunt land in Venice.  I love Faith’s (Marisa Tomei) romantic nature and gorgeous outfits (of course!)  Robert Downey Jr. is adorable and has never been more charming.  And well … Positano.  We already know how I feel about THAT place.

Favorite Things: Noosa Coconut Yogurt


I was standing in the yogurt aisle staring at all of the options when an employee asked if I had tried Noosa.  The answer a resounding “no” because yogurt is something low calorie and artificially flavored that you eat when you’re on a diet.

He gave me a sample of the company’s Strawberry Rhubarb and I was an instant convert.  I’ve tried a few flavors, but the coconut is definitely my favorite.  A little lighter than Green yogurt but creamier than regular, with real coconut flakes you get to stir in makes it feel like you’re getting ice cream for breakfast.  No way am I arguing with that.

Favorite Things: Crest Whitestrips


I didn’t really think Crest Whitestrips made THAT big of a difference until I saw a picture of myself after I had been using them for a week or so.  Now I’m a convert and use them a few times a year to maintain my smile.

I feel like my teeth look healthy, clean and white without being BLINDING.  There is something so weird to me about that.  So with daily flossing, my Sonicare toothbrush and a couple different types of rinses, I feel like it’s easy to smile these days.  And that?  Is a good look for anyone.