Whole 30 Experience: Days 13-17

I’m humming right along and can really see how this is a sustainable eating plan for me.  Things I’m loving:

  • I’m hungry only right before meal time.
  • It’s very easy to say no to anything sugary and carby and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.
  • It’s easy to figure out what to get at restaurants.
  • I never have that “ohmahgah I ate too much” feeling.
  • Food just isn’t that big of a deal.  The life in my days is getting more interesting to me.
  • I leave A LOT of food on my plate
  • I’m starting to get more energy and my house is a lot cleaner and more organized

Things I’m Not Loving:

  • Everything cooked tastes vaguely of coconut.
  • My system is still adjusting
  • I’m still not sleeping great (which really was the initial intent of this program)
  • I do really want an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, which?

Things I’m Still Working Out

  • Buying / Cooking / Storing food — my grocery bills are HUGE each week, but I’m also WAY overbuying.
  • I’m finding I’m really just liking vegetables, nuts with fruit and a little meat which means I need to start digging around for even more recipes.
  • Sleep
  • Exercise … still need to find something I’m excited about.

Whole 30 Experience: Days 11 & 12

I’m writing this on the morning of Day 13 and I didn’t even realize it!  Ha!

Sooo … I still continue to be terrible about taking photos and writing about what I’m eating.  Basically I just throw a little food in my face and then go about my day.  I think that’s been the biggest change is the lack of focus on food and WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT NEXT???!!!

I would call it boredom, but I think it’s actually a shift that’s occurring.  When I’ve had a bad day, I don’t go down to Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Mocha.  I don’t stop at the drive thru on my way home because the thought of cooking sounds exhausting.  I don’t have a mini candy bar right after lunch.  I only got a little cry-y / rage-y the day before my period (and one or two of the early days when I made the shift to whole foods).  I’m just feeling really MELLOW.

My sleep is improving.  Last night I think I got 6 hours straight.  I’ve gone out to eat and been able to stay away from stuff pretty easily.  I do think a little bit about cookies and donuts and think a bite or two on occasion will be just plenty (well after the next couple of weeks though).  Not being attached to CRAVINGS and HUNGER have been so liberating.  I can like, go have a life!  I even have a date tonight!

Soooo … yeah.  Some healthy meats.  Good vegetables.  A little potato.  And some fruit and nuts aaaaand welcome to my days.  I get full REALLY fast now.

My goal this weekend is to cook up a bunch of stuff for the week so I can just mix and match.  Trying a couple new recipes each week is good for me too.

This week I’m trying some turkey taco lettuce wraps (w/o the cheese of course) and this cauliflower soup.

I think it finally sunk in that all the ways I was trying to alleviate stress were doing the opposite.  The shift to whole foods has so far felt really good, so it’s easy to keep going with it.  Although I will say I’m looking forward to the energy I’m supposed to start feeling over the next few days.

I was feeling really bloated still yesterday and digestion is still a bit “off.”

I did make some GREAT roasted vegetables though!  Roast a zucchini, eggplant, two red peppers and half an onion with a thing of whole mushrooms in the oven.  While they roast, place two cups of sliced tomatoes (I used a container of mini heirlooms from Trader Joe’s) in a bowl with some salt, olive oil, garlic and slivered basil.  When the vegetables come out of the oven toss them with the raw tomato mixture.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Whole 30 Experience: Day Ten

I can tell I’m REALLY going to need to do more prep on the weekends.  Cooking every night isn’t happening and I’m kind of throwing stuff together that then leaves me hangin’ for lunch the next day.  I think I’m just going to roast up a bunch of different meats and vegetables and then kind of throw them together as the week goes on.  I’m fine eating basically whatever, it’s just the cooking part that feels daunting after long days.

There were DOZENS of donuts today that sat on a credenza during a meeting.  I sat with my back to them and find it interesting how easy it is to say no to things now.  I went to a work lunch and wasn’t sure where we were going so I had to eat off the menu on the fly.  I managed to leave the bread and butter on the table and ordered a tuna nicoise salad that had  mini potatoes, green beans and hard-boiled eggs with seared yellow fin tuna.  It was DELICIOUS and seemed to check all the boxes.

Tonight for dinner I just ate leftover steak fajitas with a mug of zucchini soup and some grapes.

So far I’m loving the way I’m feeling (I don’t feel like I’m having huge mood swings like I was) and that I’m not hungry.  I no longer feel like a slave to sugar or that my cravings for food immediately translate to I MUST HAVE IT NOW.

My system still hasn’t adjusted.  Things aren’t uh … moving through the station smoothly, so to speak.  Or the trains come all at once if you know what I mean andIbelieveyoudo.  I’m also still working on my sleep situation and hoping for the days where I sleep soundly through the night.  I’m getting glimpses, just not 100% there yet.

Overall things continue to go well, I just need to do a bit more on the weekends to set myself up for easier meals during the week.

Whole 30 Experience: Days Eight & Nine

Dang, I’ve been really bad about taking pictures of my meals.  I’ve been scrambling and just kind of eating a random mix of stuff.  I’ve been feeling REALLY tired whenever I exert any energy above and beyond my daily stuff.  My body just feels heavy and bloated and blaaaaaah.

I did manage to steer clear (pretty easily) from pie at the office and feel super chilled out in general.  It’s like my moods are mellow, but everything else seems hard.  Cooking, moving, sleeping soundly.  Things change from day to day.  I’m anxious to get to the two week mark and see how I feel.

Whole 30 Experience: Day Seven

So I slept from about 9:30 p.m. to 1:45 a.m.  Progress!  We won’t talk about what happened after 1:45 a.m. though. Oy.  I did take an hour nap this afternoon, so I’m hoping that doesn’t do any damage to my sleep tonight.  That is by far the biggest thing I’m hoping to get out of this experience–sound sleep.  Well, and energy.  But I think that will naturally follow.


Today I felt heavy and sweaty.  I was cleaning my house and walking up and down stairs and it was just … harder than usual.  I guess this is normal as your body shifts from burning quick energy sources to burning fat.  It has been interesting to see how I adjust each day.

On zee menu for today:



Roasted red potato, chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with sauteed kale and cabbage.

Lunch:  Dinner leftovers (zucchini soup, roasted shrimp and grapes)
Snack:  Cashew Larabar
Dinner:  Bahn Mi Turkey Burgers with diced cucumber and carrots topped with lime juice and potato fries


I do think my energy is starting to pick up.  I did a lot of housekeeping today (with breaks in between because OY).  My moods have been pretty stable (though tonight I’m just kind of blah, which might also be because it’s Sunday.) The thing that’s interesting is I’m not craving anything.  I found a stray package of candy and was easily able to throw it away.  I definitely MISS some things (pizza, sandwiches and I had a dream I had a burrito for breakfast and lunch) but I don’t miss the way that I felt for so long.  I’m hoping this peaceful, satisfied, energetic feeling keeps getting stronger and stronger each day.

Whole 30 Experience: Day Six

Saturday morning.  Best part of the weekend ever, right?

Lately Saturday mornings have included a donut and mocha run with a flop session on the couch for good measure.  I wondered how I’d feel waking up on Saturday without that little ritual, which quite frankly I loved.  I didn’t love the after effect so much–once I end up on the couch, it’s very hard to pry me OFF the couch.

Luckily some friends invited me out to breakfast and so I had to be up and presentable at a reasonable hour.  I decided since I was out, I might as well hit up the grocery store which was THE LAST THING I wanted to do.  I admit after a week of shopping, planning and cooking for myself I was over it.

But I showed up at Trader Joe’s with my loooooong list and moved through it fairly quickly.  I was excited to add some new foods into the mix this week.  Sausage for breakfasts.  Some hearty greens instead of spinach.  Turkey burgers that will get some asian flavors.

I am still fighting fatigue, which I know is normal at this stage.  I am starting to sleep a little sounder, but still not all in one shot.  I am getting in about 4 hours at a time though, which is a marked improvement.

I didn’t take any pictures of my food today, but here’s what I had:

Breakfast (out):  Two eggs over easy, red potatoes, homemade sausage patties and a bowl of fruit
Lunch:  Beef chili with avocado and hot sauce, handful of cashews and dates
Snack (I knew I’d be having a late dinner):  Apple pie Larabar
Dinner:  Roasted shrimp and this delicious, creamy zucchini soup

Whole 30 Experience: Day Five

So can I just tell you … I successfully stayed away from donuts yesterday AND said no (I might have screamed NO!) when someone offered me a really good chocolate bar.  It’s not my intent to always say no to such things, but I have to admit I’m feeling better and better each day and I want to keep going.  I feel like I might be onto something.

I was a little rage-y this morning, but I kind of always am when I’m running late.  And I maaaaay have snapped at a woman at work, but quite frankly I needed to speak up and she apologized.  So I don’t know if that qualifies?

Anyway!  I’m officially sick of sweet potatoes for breakfast, so I need to come up with something else next week. The headaches appear to be gone and I slept for almost 5 hours straight last night.  Progress!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely thought about bread.  And pizza.  And cheese.  Aaaaaand maybe some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  But it’s not like I’m holding on for dear life.  I’m not hungry, I like the food I’ve been eating and am ready to try some new recipes next week.

Today I had …

Breakfast:  3 scrambled eggs sauteed with spinach, sweet potato and a banana
Lunch:  Grilled chicken, roasted cauliflower and a bunch of spinach, walnuts and a banana (must get different fruit next week)
Dinner:  Chipotle salad with carnitas, mild salsa and guacamole